About Us

Terra Preta exists to positively impact the environment, help sustainable farming practices go mainstream, and make the highest-quality organic fertilizers accessible to growers and farmers worldwide.

Imagine a world where…

  • The earth provides us with healthy food and medicine without becoming depleted.
  • Agriculture positively impacts our planet’s ecological systems.
  • We feel strong kinship with the natural world around us. 
  • Our lives are fuelled by interconnectedness, not selfishness.

Catch the vision

End the era of chemical fertilizers

They have disastrous effects on our health and on the environment. We believe organic farming is the clear way forward to a sustainable and healthy agricultural ecosystem that benefits us all.

Restore balance to nature

On a micro level, we can renew degraded soil by reviving regenerative farming practices. On a macro level, organic farming slows global warming by boosting carbon sequestering. Win win!

Make regenerative farming the norm

Everyone deserves the knowledge and support they need to go organic. We help small-scale farmers level up with our high-quality organic fertilizers and bio-amendments.

Meet our founder

A lifelong grow nerd, Omry Tabak brings a keen scientific approach and years of practical agriculture expertise to the table. Building on his background in sustainability and ecology, Omry has a special passion for permaculture and bio fertilizers. 

After working in the hemp and medical cannabis industries, Omry founded Terra Preta to help growers maximize their yield without stripping the earth or using chemicals. 5 years of intense R&D and close collaboration with real farmers and growers have gone into perfecting our innovative all-organic products.

Join the movement

​Join us on the journey to make organic farming great again, restore degraded soils, and help nature thrive. And level up your growing game, of course!